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2015 Brings New Minimum Wage Laws

Posted by bakercounty on January 5, 2015

Waiter taking orders at a cafe.

The New Year is underway. If you're an entrepreneur or manager, make sure you're aware of the new statewide minimum wage laws.

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity announced that as of January 1, the minimum wage rose from $7.93 per hour to $8.05 per hour - a 1.5-percent increase. For tipped employees, such as restaurant wait staff and bartenders, the new minimum wage is $5.03, which is equal to the general $8.05 minimum wage minus the $3.02 tip credit established in 2003. If, at the end of the work shift, the hourly rate plus tips does not reach $8.05, the employer must make up the difference.

As part of the Florida Minimum Wage Act, state legislators have adjusted our minimum wage annually since 2005, basing figures on the Consumer Price Index. Inflation has steadily driven wages up an average 15 cents per year.

Keep in mind you'll also need to display the updated version of the Florida Minimum Wage poster at your place of business. Download a copy via the FDEO's website.

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