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Securing Your Small Business Domain

Posted by appsoftdev on May 19, 2015

Domain names & extensions

Planning to start a new business? No doubt you'll want to build a website. With 644 million active websites on the Internet as of the latest research, and more added every day, you'll want to secure your desired website domain name stat.

Protecting your buisness's name and brand goes much farther than simply securing a single .com domain. To adequately protect your brand, you'll need to purchase and maintain multiple variations of your domain. Failure to do so allows room for someone else - perhaps an unscrupulous competitor - to sweep in and buy them, potentially hijacking your business brand. Baker County Chamber of Commerce recommends these tips for a solid domain strategy.

  • Buy all common extensions: Purchasing a .com domain isn't enough. You'll also want to purchase all of the most common extensions including .net, .org, .us., .info and .biz. 
  • Buy common misspellings, phonetic equivalents and obvious variations: If your company is called Cool Shoes, your domain purchases should include variations such as coolshoes, koolshoes, kewlshoes, coolshooz, etc. The same goes for a business name that includes a number or a word that sounds like a number, ie. loveforshoes, love4shoes and lovefourshoes.
  • Buy both plural and singular variations: If you purchase bigboat.com, you can bet someone will sweep behind and purchase bigboats.com if you don’t do it first. 
  • Buy hyphenated variations: Yes, that means big-boat and big-boats, too.

Understand that failing to fully protect your primary domain and all of its variations ultimately could cost you more than a strong online presence. A competitor for the same name and brand could effectively argue for trademark rights. To avoid a costly mistake, make sure you secure your name and brand across the Internet and at the Trademark Office.