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Three Top Tips for Marketing Your Small Business on a Shoestring Budget

Posted by bakercounty on June 10, 2015

Entrepreneur serving customers at a deli

Effective marketing is critical to the success of any business - especially small businesses. Yet, many new entrepreneurs are so focused on simply getting their businesses off the ground and operational that a marketing budget proves an afterthought.

If you're struggling to market your small business with a limited budget, Baker County Chamber of Commerce offers these helpful tips:

  1. Engage in social media: In today's tech-savvy world, it's a given that businesses must not only use social media, but bring their A-game to any social media strategy. But this goes further than carefully planning timing of posts. It also commands the right types of posts and timely follow up. Minimize the sales pitchy posts and take a more personal, interactive approach. Says Michael Krigsman, founder and Co-Host of CXOTalk, a weekly video program featuring innovative business leaders: ""For small companies, social media offers tremendous opportunity to engage a community of potential customers at low cost. The key is identifying topics that matter to your audience and then finding ways to pull them in. Ask questions, solicit opinions, and recognize great comments are all important. Use social media to communicate and engage, rather than to sell."
  2. Help a reporter out: Newspaper, magazine, radio and TV reporters are constantly looking for not only unique story ideas but for sources knowledgeable on all sorts of subjects. Let them know you're at their disposal by signing up for Help A Reporter Out, an online service used by thousands of news and media agencies to find subject matter experts willing to be interviewed for stories. Visit helpareporter.com and sign up for emailed alerts from reporters who may be seeking someone with your particular knowledge. It's a cost-effective way to establish yourself as a go-to expert and publicize your business.
  3. Engage in your community: If your potential clients haven’t yet come to you, go to them. Organize meetups and events in the community that afford you the opportunity to show off your expertise and your business's offerings. Do you own a coffee shop? Arrange to have a coffee bar at the next community festival. Are you a restauranteur? Host a cooking workshop for members of a local civic club. Have a dress shop? Host a fashion show starring local celebrities.

How do you market your small business on a tight budget? Share your ideas with others on the Baker County Chamber of Commerce Facebook Fan Page or tweet them to @bakercounty_coc. And if you need help building and marketing your offerings, consider a chamber membership. Call 904-259-6433 to talk with a membership specialist today.