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Time is Golden - Especially for Small Businesses Entrepreneurs

Posted by bakercounty on June 20, 2015

A Matter of Time - Infographic for Small Business Owners by Mavenlink

As a small business owner, you likely wear multiple hats, do the jobs of a dozen other people and long for a few more hours in the workday. In fact, a survey of small business owners by Mavenlink, which provides cloud-based scheduling and project management software, shows that entrepreneurs consider time the number one business asset above their computers, websites, mobile phones and even their offices or storefronts.

It appears that time is more valuable than ever. Compared to five years ago, 72 percent of small business owners report working both longer hours and on more weekends, and 40 percent say they take less vacation time than in years prior. Those tidbit go hand-in-hand with the fact that one in four small businesses believes that just one extra hour spent working is worth more than $500.

To help manage your time, make use of tech resources like project management software and services that can automate certain tasks, like social media posting, recurring billing for ongoing services and email marketing. Learn to let go a little and delegate tasks that can be handled by employees or interns. And, make taking care of yourself a priority. Even a short break can help you clear your mind, improve your focus, generate new ideas and go back to the office or shop energized and primed for success.

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Infographic by Mavenlink.